Place in Space: America Studies

Place in Space: America Studies, - These break into three main groups, the clouds, the South America drawings, and the North America drawings, each of which have different characteristics.  All are drawn from photos taken on plane trips. The images from the United States are mostly from Southern California, the Rocky Mountain area and some new drawings from Montana. The space between the land and myself in the plane becomes as much of the subject as the land itself-. The signs of development and industrialization are an echo of the artist's hand-the hand of man on the earth; so the earth is changed by my observation of it.

Timecycle  (Top of South America)                  2009   pencils, acrylics, on paper-  56" x 96"

Radial Arcs (Rocky Mountains)             2010                            pencils, pastels, acrylics, on paper-  56" x 96"       

Widening Arc of Separate Pathways              2009  pencil, acrylics, on paper-  80" x 96"       

Structural layers over  South America   2011   pencils, acrylics, on paper-  90" x 56"              

Everything is connected by ribbons of light (Amazon)  2010  pencil, pastel, acrylics, on paper-  58" x 120"     

Seen and Unseen, i, II III  2008  pencil, acrylics, on paper-  96"x 60" ea  - 96" x 180" total   

Living in spatial construction  2008   pencil, acrylics, on paper-  80" x 96"   

Timecycle (grand canyon area)  2008  pencil, acrylics, on paper-  80" x 96"

Expanding World 2008   pencils, acrylics, on paper-  80" x 124"

A Structure of the Present Moment   2007       acrylic and drawing mediums on paper    80" x 100"

When time replaces space with place 2012  pencil, acrylics, on paper-  80" x 96"

The air between mountains and canyons  2011pencils, pastels, acrylics, on paper-  90" x 60" 

A Container for the Hills you did not build and the Valleys you did not carve (Montana Snow)      
2012  pencils, acrylics, on paper-  60"" x 132"   

Over (Southern California area)  2008/9  pencil, acrylics, on paper-  96" x 58"

Imaginary Constructions Ascending and Descending over Rocky Mountains      
2009  pencil, caran d'arches, acrylics, on muslin-  100"" x 140"     

Tracing Currents of Light (mountains near grand canyon)    pencil, acrylics, on muslin-  100" x 140"      

Tropopause (linear structural over San Diego)        2009  pencil, acrylics, on muslin-  100" x 140"

Passing through paths of multiple possibilities          2011  pencil, acrylics, on muslin-  70" x 100"


Cyclic disruption (quarried mountain near Salt Lake, Utah))  2012  pencil, pastels acrylics, on raw canvas-  72" x 108"   

Delineating disambiguities (Chinese Wall at Bob Marshall Wilderness)    2012 pencil, acrylics, on muslin-  90"x 120"   

Many pathways when you don't know where you are going- (Montana)   2014 pencil, acrylics, on muslin-  90"x 120"   


Transverse systems, structure of sound           2015  pencil, acrylics, on muslin-  75" x 96"

Re-discovering the Americas is a one of those things some us keep doing- Seeing the land, how it is used or not used, built upon or imagined to be built upon with structures and systems almost perfect and imperfect - revealing both  use and misuse- land cultivated or scarred; viewing it, walking it, driving through it, flying over it, passing through- one is both there and then gone- participant and witness and absent- everything that separates us from and binds us to what we are seeing: glass, air, steel, roads, wind, weather, time, darkness and blinding sun, velocity, distance, gravity, memory, affordability of time/money, fatigue, fuel, apprehensions, hopes - business growth, livability, commerce, industry 
habitat - being a stranger and having a place, alienation and community---  This is  what I can see from planes or cars or buses -  pressed to the window on occasional flights from New York to California, 
traveling up to Oregon and Washington state, photographing and drawing trees by the side of highways or off city streets- All informed by and borrowed from elements of architecture, physics and math.

Developmental influences: Books: Woody Guthrie Bound for Glory, John Steinbeck Travels with Charlie, Albert Einstein Relativity, James Joyce, Melville, Conrad, Hawthorne, Italo Calvini Invisible Cities/Six Memos, Time-Life's American Wilderness series.  Music: Van Morrison, John Adams, Phillip Glass, Olivier Messian, Hovhaness.  Art: Van Gogh, American landscape painting-Frederick Church, Inness, Whistler, Cole. American Modernists-Marin, Stieglitz, Hartley Dove, O'keefe. Boccioni and Italian Futurists, Joseph Stella, Frank Stella, Ansel Adams, Abstract Expressionists-Pollock, Rothko, Still etc, Twombly, Morris Louis and Washington color school.

I have always drawn and was taught to oil paint by my paternal 
grandfather when I was 7 or 8. I received professional art instruction from 
age 11up to age 15 when we moved from the New York area to Northern 
VA. I began making watercolors of the Potomac River area we lived in - 
Developed abstract forms in landscape during college in Pittsburgh- 
Continued working with both forms upon returning to Virginia.
Bodies of previous work-
Days Paintings- 1991-1994 PA-Ohio
Nature Mechanisms  1995  Ohio
Artificial landscapes- 1996 - early 2000s Ohio-NJ
Imaginary America/Brief History of white peoples in America 1999-2002
Cosmic Strips 2003-  2007
The Space We're In- 2007