Universechild 2004-7
“ James Pustorino synthesizes science fiction, comic books, Abstract Expressionism and psychedelic art, all in the service of approximating the profound mystery of existence. A mythic narrative about a being born into space, where he  struggles to understand his surroundings and purpose. It's the sort of existential crisis everyone inevitably faces, but Pustorino translates that mental anguish into physical upheaval, as this particular being is born, like a star, in outer space, amid planets and darting rockets. “
- John Motley, The Oregonian.
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Universechild 1

Universechild 1 part 2

Universechild 2

Universechild 3

Universechild 4

Universechild 5

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Universechild 7

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Universechild II: Limbo -2011-13  narrative works on paper- Six individual drawings connected in vertical pairs.
The Limbo drawings use graphic, narrative, form to explore a place that is between here and there, where memory and myth meet.

Limbo 1- "If you close your eyes, maybe they won't see you" - mixed media on paper  48" x 66"

Limbo 2-  "The light is invisible"  mixed media on paper  48" x 66"

Limbo 3- "I can't get back the same way I got here"  mixed media on paper 48" x 66"

Limbo 4- "Like a place I had known before"  mixed media on paper 48" x 66"

Limbo 5- "Don't worry"  mixed media on paper   48" x 66"

Limbo 6- "Here for Now"  mixed media on paper 48" x 66"